Founded in November 24th, 2001, Fashion For Paradise brings fresh design and styling to the space with a mission to assist customers optimize value. Started the business from small clothing manufacturer, managed and helped by few numbers of lower-educated workers at the beginning, Fashion For Paradise operated all the production steps and combined skills to reach the improvement. The strong commitment leads Fashion For Paradise to become bigger during the years and wishing to be one of the leaders in the business line.

Fashion For Paradise is not producing item for stock. All items are produced on order basis with certain minimum order quantity. Any design that is owned exclusively, Fashion For Paradise offers to customize in at least 30% difference from its original content.

Fashion For Paradise is not a retailer and therefore does not offer retail services to individuals ordering for their own personal or family use. There are minimum order quantity for some specific designs. All garments are made to order and never mass produced.

Fashion For Paradise’s purpose is to support customers by helping them bring joy and happiness to as many people as possible with great products, great quality and great price. Extensive experiences, combined skills, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction enable Fashion For Paradise to fulfill the purpose from the start to finish with equal ease. The extensive experiences in manufacturing and exporting overseas for years and the production facilities that maintains a very high standard of quality control will lead customers to no doubt at all.

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